02 LED Street Lamp

Range of Application

- Lamp specification for this series: 60W/100W/130W/160W;
- Suitable lamp post height: 4-12m
- Apply to non-explosive-proof places, typical places: highway, city avenue, city auxiliary road and city access road.
  • Product Features

    - Professional industrial level product;
    - Thermal control pantent makes temperature increase of radiatior < 18°C and junction temperature increase of radiator < 20°C;
    - Designed annual light fade < 4% (test result from national center was 1%)
    - Modular design, shorter lead time and easy maintenance
    - Secondary optics pantent technology of asymmetric and non-rectangular based on the road surface reflection characteristics;
    - Pefect glare control, brightness longitudinal uniformity up to 0.95, more safe and confortable for driving
    - AC90-305V wide input voltage to meet the requirements of poor grid quality;
    - Multiple protection features for over temperature, over voltage, over current to ensure hifg reliability of the product;
    - Automatic recovery after troubleshooting, reduce the work of switching supply;
    -True IP65 protection, effectively protect products;
    - The excellent design of lightning protection, effectively protect the product from damage conduction thender and lightning;
    - Zero light fade patented technology, better lighting quality;
    - Dimming the lighting system in the management center, double energy-saving
    - Monitor and control operating parameters and fault information through the network;
    - Strategy management through management system to achieve intelligent management and free monitoring functions;
    - Patent streamlined appearance, elegant and beautiful.