• Carbon Reduction Technologies (CRT)

    Carbon Reduction Technologies (CRT) is a dynamic, innovative enterprise specializing in the manufacture and supply of the best quality energy saving LED lighting products, and other energy saving technologies that are cost effective, will reduce consumption of energy and mitigate the effects of global warming.

    Through a formidable partnership with Sillian Optoelectronics Science & Tchnology Co. LTD, the leading manufacture of LED lighting in the world, CRT is here to be the most significant impetus LED lighting manufacture that will grow HDI owned businesses, create EME's and generate job opportunities in the industry.

    CRT is 100% African owned and aims to become the leading local manufacture and supplier of the best quality LED lighting in South Africa expanding its footprint to other African markets.


CRT will continuously strive to develop and improve its innovative LED lighting products and other technologies in order to provide the customers with competitive pricing and product satisfaction.

CRT is determined to achieve the highest standards of competitiveness by capitalizing on its advanced technology and state-of-the-art low carbon LED lighting products, while creating an innovative corporate culture with a challenging spirit.
  • Vision

    Our Vision is to become the premier developer, manufacturer and supplier of sustainable LED energy saving lighting products and other lighting carbon reduction energy technologies in Africa improving and enhancing the lives of African communities, and contributing to economic and environment empowerment and social upliftment for all.

  • Mission

    CRT aspires to become the LED energy saving lighting products and other energy technologies provider of choice for the government, municipalities, and commercial industries, through principles of high ethics and a continuing commitment to excellence and bringing to the market exciting new LED lighting products and technologies.